Catholic VBS 2: Marvelous Mystery


Putting "Catholicism" into Vacation Bible School!'™

Catholic VBS Marvelous Mystery

 With this Cat.Chat Catholic Vacation Bible School (VBS), kids will foster a new appreciation for the Catholic Mass and will deepen their love for Jesus in the Eucharist through faith teachings, catchy music, fun games, skits, crafts and snacks!

The program is based on the songs, stories and teachings heard in Cat.Chat: The Catholic Audio Show for Kids Volume #4 “The Mass Comes Alive”. It is designed for groups of any size with participants aged 4-12 (pre-K to gr, 6), and is great for parishes, home-school groups, summer programs, classrooms or even in-home use!



What’s Included in the Kit?

Complete Kit - Everything you need for a great Catholic VBS!

  • 1 Director Guide
  • 5 Station Leader Guides
  • 1 Action Song DVD
  • 1 Cat.Chat TV Series DVD
  • 1 Resource CD-ROM
  • 3 VBS Music CDs
  • 1 Advertising Poster
  • 1 "Jesus I Need You" Prayer Card
  • 5 Beautifully Illustrated Saint Cards with story

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Cat.Chat’s approach to learning is guaranteed to help kids learn and love the treasures of the Catholic Faith.




Sample a leader guide below:








 SUMMARY of each day below:

Day 1

VBS2_d1Theme: The Mass is a MYSTERY that Jesus wants us to learn more about. We celebrate this special mystery in the Eucharist at every Mass.

Virtue: Patience

Saint: St. Joan of Arc

Day 4

VBS2_d4Theme: The Mass is a sacred MEAL that we share together, just like when Jesus shared the Last Supper with the Apostles. Jesus come to feed us with His Body and Blood through the Eucharist.

Virtue: Faith

Saint: St. Michael the Archangel

Day 2

VBS2_d2Theme: The Mass is a GIFT that Jesus wants us to love and cherish. Jesus is the Greatest Gift we receive at Mass. The more we prepare ourselves for the Mass, the more we will enjoy the Gift of Jesus in the Eucharist.

Virtue: Peace

Saint: Mary - Queen of all Saints

Day 5

VBS2_d5Theme: The Mass is a CALL for each on of us to say “yes” to Jesus. Jesus calls us to go out into the world and be His light to others.

Virtue: Generosity

Saint: St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Day 3

VBS2_d3Theme: The Mass is a CELEBRATION that unites us with our Catholic community. It is important to fully participate in this Eucharistic celebration knowing why and how we celebrate.

Virtue: Unity

Saint: St. Patrick


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