About Us

2014 family ewtnWho are we

Gerald & Denise Montpetit are the founders and creators of Cat.Chat Productions. They have 5 children who are actively involved in the ministry.

They operate as a family owned ministry/business under the guidance of their local Bishop.

With a creative and talented team of graphic and web designers, illustrators, writers, compilers, editors, producers, musicians and singers, Cat.Chat strives for excellence in every aspect of the ministry.

Celebrating their 15th year of operation in 2016, Cat.Chat has created a bank of Catholic music and resources that have proven to be ‘classics’ for families, schools and churches.

Providing a Need

We have all come across many religious educators, parents and grandparents who have expressed how they wish they could find solid Catholic resources, CDs & DVDs that were professionally done and fun for kids. As parents and educators, The Montpetit’s also experienced the same desire to find great Catholic resources for kids that would catechize and captivate their young listening audience.

The Call

There is an overwhelming amount of Protestant resources, of great quality, available for kids but they are evidently missing the essential teachings and treasures of the Catholic Faith.

As a couple, Gerald & Denise started praying and asking the Lord how they as couple could possibly help fill this need. The Holy Spirit began to inspire them with exciting ideas to help get the vision for Cat.Chat started. Scriptures, Church teachings, and letters (encyclicals) written by the Holy Father were also calling them to move forward:

  • “This is no time to be ashamed of the Gospel. It is the time to preach it from the rooftops. Do not be afraid to break out of comfortable and routine modes of living in order to take up the challenge of making Christ known in the modern metropolis. ".John Paul II
  • A response to the call of Pope John Paul II, for a "new evangelization" in our times.
  • Jesus calls his disciples to "Proclaim the Good News to all creation" (Matthew 28:18-19)
  • To foster a culture where religious vocations can be encouraged.
  • The Church's primary and universal mission to evangelize (Evangelii Nuntiandi, #14).

The Vision

To see kids and families experience Jesus thru the beauty and richness of the Catholic faith in a fun
and faith-filled way.

The Target

Their resources and concert presentations are aimed for families and kids pre-kindergarten to grade 5.

Most parents and educators are also blessed from hearing the simple and dynamic message that was
designed for kids.

What Cat.Chat offers

Hands on practical resources that entertain and teach the basics of the
Catholic Faith to kids.



Catholic Vacation Bible School (VBS)


6 easy to use Catholic VBS programs that equip parishes with everything they need to put on successful summer camps for kids. Cat.Chat’s VBS motto is: “Putting Catholicism Into Vacation Bible School!” Each VBS program focuses on a specific Catholic theme.


cat chat family on setTV Series

Cat.Chat has teamed up with EWTN, the largest religious network in the world! They have 8 exciting 30 min. episodes for kids that air every week.

Cat.Chat Season 2: Saints in Training will be releasing in Summer 2016. Stay Tuned for more details and the release date of the DVDs and Broadcast times on EWTN.

You can purchase all 8 episodes of Season 1 on DVD.

Visit EWTN to watch live online or view a schedule.



Audio Show CD series

6-CD-Series-Pack...comprised of 6 audio shows that include great songs, amazing stories, prayer and cool conversations. Featuring Moses the Amazing Talking Cat, Papa, Josh, Hannah and their friends for an unforgettable Cat.Chat experience! Each CD in the series discusses important aspects of the Catholic Faithwhile teaching children powerful lessons for living out their Faith in everyday life!



 Music CDs

6-pack...Creative and Catchy Songs that inspire kids in the Catholic faith. These CDs will keep your kids singing all day long to songs that make an impact in their lives.







8 exciting ½ hour theme-based episodes for kids on 4 DVDs.

This complete DVD series (season 1) is like a catechism package that kids just fall in love with and watch over and over and over again. Let Cat.Chat entertain your kids while they get permeated with strong Catholic teachings at the same time. Filmed at EWTN, this professionally produced series is truly making a difference in the lives of kids all over the world.

Season 2 to be released in of Summer 2016.




 Live Concerts


The Cat.Chat family and Moses the Cat have performed over 600 concerts in the past 10 years for parishes, schools and Catholic events/conferences across the USA and Canada. Audiences have been "WOWED" by The Cat.Chat family’s unique blend of faith and lively entertainment.